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Move Well.

Train Hard.

Make Things Happen.


Our priority is your health!

As such, we now require scheduling classes in advance and are not accepting drop-ins at this time.  Members can use the "Schedule Workout" menu above to reserve their classes!

Fitness for All Since 2011

Welcome to a community of people for whom "good enough" no longer is.



AT MTM we do things differently.  We're old school in our approach using the same principles that have worked to build fitness for decades.  While we're a close community of fitness enthusiasts we don't have to go overboard with the lingo and stereotypes.  Most people at MTM are looking for a great workout in a short amount of time, and that's what we do.


Class Schedule

Getting Started

Whether you're brand new to working out, you've never done an MTM-style workout before, or you're a seasoned pro we've got just the right place for you to get started!  Each path is designed to get you moving safely and effectively regardless of where you're starting.  Not sure which is right for you?  Shoot us an email and we'll help guide you through!

take a free trial class


Most people like to dip their toe in the water before getting started and this is your chance.  Open to ALL Levels.  Come to any of our regularly scheduled classes and we'll get you a great workout, shaped to your abilities! 


spark! 6 week challenge

Want to get started but you're not sure you could jump into a class and keep up?  Our Spark! 6 Week Challenge is for you!  Each hour long class is designed to teach important elements for your success in CrossFit while also being a great workout! Open to ALL Levels 


beginner's classes

Ready to jump both feet in to our Group Classes?  We'll do 2 1-on-1 Beginner's Classes to get you up to speed and then we're right on the regular classes (Scaled and modified to your abilities of course!) Open to ALL Levels 



"MTM is by far the BEST CrossFit gym in the building!"


January, 2016

"The workouts challenge my body and mind"


November 1915

"I Hate Burpees"


All Time


7901 N Cleveland Ave

North Canton OH 44720

330.620.5128 / Phone

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