Feb 21 2018

Yesterday was a difficult day as the events at Jackson Middle School played out - and today will likely bring more uncertainty before clarity. I'm not going to demand a moratorium on discussing it at the gym, we're all adults. But please keep these 3 things in mind before starting a conversation about the events:

1. Have empathy for the person you're speaking with. Our community includes parents, teachers, administrators, police, and students of all the districts in the area. You don't know what they've been thru these last 24hrs so try to understand where they're coming from instead of just assuming they agree with you.

2. All the facts aren't known. Don't use the gym to spread rumors about what you heard from someone who knows a guy that heard a thing.

3. We're a community and we support each other. Lift each other up today. Sometimes the most supportive thing you can do is put aside the outside world and push each other inside the gym....bc, damn you're going to need it during this wod.

3RM Strict Press


100 Cal Row

150 Burpees

A couple of hard working teachers putting in work.

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