Feb 28 2018

February 28, 2018

Free Class Saturday at 11AM - know someone interested in getting fit in 2018?  Have them come check out the best workout around!


Clarifying The Open:  

- Schedule: We'll program the WOD for all classes on Friday.  This is to give everyone an opportunity to do the WOD but isn't meant for people officially signed up to just choose whatever time works for them.  Saturday morning or Friday at 5:30pm are still the ideal times if you need a judge.  Please be respectful of the coaching needs of the class if you want to do the WOD at another time.  


- Lifting: We'll still be lifting the CrossFit Total on Thursday.  As throughout The Open, if we're lifting heavy it's good to go heavy but take it in stride and don't worry about a full true max out.  Save it for The Open.




6 KB Snatch (1.5/1p)

6 Burpees

- Rest 3 - 


6 KB Thrusters (1.5/1p)

6 Burpees

- Rest 3 - 


6 Wall Climbs

6 Burpees

- Rest 3 - 


6 Taters (1.5/1p)

6 Burpees




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