June 1 2018

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Why Heavy?

It's that time again, first of the month, time to lift heavy. But why? The short answer: Lifting heavy makes every other workout you do better. Period. Full Stop. (skip to the bottom to see the workouts or geek out a little.)

First, what's heavy? We lift all the time. Those 30 wallballs earlier this week felt pretty heavy after a while. But that's not heavy. Lifting heavy is about our Maximum effort. The most we can handle. So it can't be in a WOD and it can't be more than 5-7 reps. It will be greater than 90% of our current 1RM.

What happens when we lift heavy? Maximal lifts are all about your brain activating muscle fibers. You've only got so much muscle in your body and over the years your body has learned just how much of it is needed to do certain things. The easier the thing, like walking, the less muscle is actually used. Lifting heavy recruits more of your bodies muscle and teaches your body to use a larger percentage of its muscle.

As you lift more, your body learns to activate more muscle, which in turn gets activated when you do lightweight activities too. So, every workout you do after lifting heavy IS MORE EFFECTIVE for getting you in shape.

Here's a couple things people worry about for heavy days:

But Dave, it's HARD! Yes. Yes, it is. Next Question.

But Dave, I don't feel like I get a good workout! This has two parts.

1. You didn't try hard enough, you just didn't give it your all. Try harder.

2. CrossFit works because the actual intensity of the workouts changes day to day. You can't go 100mph every day and keep getting the same results. This week we went LONG on Monday, Sprinted on Tuesday, Moderate with rest periods Wednesday, and Slogged it out for 20 min on Thursday. As the loading and work/rest periods fluctuate throughout the week so does what you get out of the workout. Sometimes we need to go "easier" with heavy or tempo (On the Min) work to lower the intensity. You still give it your all, but you aren't breathing as hard at the end. THIS IS WHAT MAKES CROSSFIT WORK.


CrossFit Total

1RM Back Squat

1RM Strict Press

1RM Deadlift

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