June 4 2018

Welcome to a brand new week! And a brand new class format!

Starting today we're changing some things up with the class format. We're doing this to better prep you for the workouts, develop new skills, and get you even more bang for your buck... just in time for summer! If that's enough explanation to satisfy your curiosity then just show up ON TIME today and skip to the bottom for the workout.

What's New? We'll be following the format below

General Warm Up

Category Warm Up


Workout (Skill Work, Set Up, Execution, Tear Down)

Cool Down and Mobility

Class starts on Time with a General Warm Up led by the coach. Then we'll move on to the Category Warm Up. At first the various category warm ups will be led by the coach but as we all become more familiar with them they'll get a little less directed. Then we'll discuss the workout, purpose, goals, scaling and so on. From there we'll get setup and execute the workout. After breaking down and cleaning up we'll hit a couple of mobility drills to help recover and improve for next time.

How to get the most out of each class:

1. Show up ON TIME - We're starting on time with a group general warm up. There won't be time to make it up, but you can jump in wherever we are once you arrive.

2. Remember - a warm up is a warm up. Don't go to heavy or push too hard. The goal is to get the muscle firing, get a sweat going, get your heart rate up and get ready for the workout. Not hurt yourself.

3. Don't neglect what you need to work on. Some new things will be really difficult for you. They should be easy. If something is hard when it shouldn't be it means you need to put extra focus and effort into it. You didn't learn to walk by giving up the first time you fell down.

4. No Bands in the group warm up doesn't mean no bands ever. You're more than welcome to arrive early, grab a band, and stretch out on the small side (in fact, you've always been welcome to do that).

5. Respect the group and each other.

KB Warm Up

30 KBS

2R: 5 Presses + 50; OH Walk Each Side

30 Goblet Squats

30 Single Arm Swings

20 Around the Worlds

20 Halos

10 Windmills

3RM Front Squat


4 Rounds

20 KBS (1.5/1p)

15 Burpees

20 Goblet Squats


Cool Down

Ankle Mobility

Shoulder Mobility

Couch Stretch

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