June 12 2018

Awesome effort by everyone through the gym yesterday!

Hydration - We're working our way into the hot, humid, Ohio summer. It looks like it's going to be a pretty hot one. But yesterday's weather/workout reminded us that it doesn't always have to be hot outside to be extremely taxing on us. Don't fall behind on your water intake!

Half Body Weight in Ounces + 16oz for every hour of physical activity. Let this be your guide for how much water you need. If you're 200lbs you need 100oz (6 - 16.8oz bottles) of water. Plus whatever your activity takes up, which is probably an hour at the gym and maybe another hour of running around doing errands/yardwork/afternoon stroll. So that's 8 bottles of water.

Tips and Tricks:

1.) Wake up to a large glass (20oz) of Water. Add some Sea Salt and Lemon Juice for an extra bang. This is how I hydrate every morning. You've been without drinking anything for 6-8hrs so it's extremely important. Adding 1-3 grams of Sea Salt (which is a lot) helps replenish your electrolytes and the Lemon Juice gives it an awesome kick. I recommend a splash of Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice you can get at Giant Eagle.

2.) Out of Sight Out of Mind - But Reversed. Keep a transparent container of water around your work station all the time. If you don't have water around, you can go hours without thinking about it. Same goes for not seeing it, which is why a transparent container is key. Reusing large 1-1.5L bottles makes it easy to keep up on how much you've hydrated without tossing a million bottles a day.

3.) Add some flavor! Water gets boring. If you're currently hitting your numbers, feeling great, and crushing life then by all means you can start making everything organic and holistic and pure. But if you're only drinking 8oz of water a day bc you hate it and pounding down coffee and soda - you're missing the point. Don't stress about adding some flavor, there's a million on the market now, even if it's fake. Same thing goes for drinking out of plastic or cans. Don't miss 95% of the goal bc you're worried about the 5% details.

Final Thought: Your body runs on water. Full Stop. Physically and Mentally you depend on water. 1% dehydration causes a 10% physical deficit and mental. Think of it another way: of all the decisions you made today at home and work - what if 1 in 10 were wrong? That's a lot of little things, maybe even some big things, to get wrong. It adds up. Because you were dehydrated and not operating at your best.

Barbell Warm Up (Empty Bar)

20 Shoulder Presses

20 Muscle Snatches

20 OHS

20 Curls

20 BB Rows

20 Good Mornings

10 Front Rack Stretches

20 Thrusters


5 Rounds

6 Squat Snatches (135/95)

12 Floor Presses

24 Floor Wipers

Remember to Have Fun!

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