June 27 2018

Intensity drives results. Give it your all today, everyday. Yes, in the gym of course. But also, everywhere else. Imagine what would happen if you gave 100% to everything today. Perfect nutrition, focused effort on the warm up, meaningful communication with your loved ones, laser like focus on your work., an honest appreciation for the good things you have. How perfect could your day be?

Intensity is a mindset, it's giving your everything to the tasks at hand - be they physical, mental, emotional, whatever. (Pro Tip: put your phone down).

DB Warm Up

20 Presses

20 Lateral Raises

10+10 Flys and Rows High

10+10 Flys and Rows Low

20 Pull Overs

20 DB Swings

20 Snatches (10 Power, 10 Squat)

20 Thrusters

20 Sit Ups



20 Double Unders

3 Wall Climbs

1 Rope Climb (Coach's Challenge: Legless)

- Then -

3RM Push Press

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