July 25 2018

Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable. We've got a couple of really fun weeks planned ahead to round out our Summer. Find the Joy in the difficult things because nothing Worth doing is easy.

The Next SPARK! 6 Week Challenge starts August 13 - Tell your friends!

Body Weight Warm Up

3 Rounds

20 Squats - Side Squats - Pistols

20 Push Ups

10 Strict Pull Ups - Ring Pull Ups - Ring Rows

10 Box Jumps

20 Sit Ups - V Ups - GHD Sit Ups

(If you felt good at the first movement in Round 1, do the next movement after the Dash in Round 2).



20 Lunges

10 Wall Climbs

20 Ring Dips

10 25' Bear Crawls (5 Down and Backs)

20 Box Jumps (30/24)

10 T2B

**100m Run Before Each**

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