Aug 8 2018

The next 6 Week Challenge starts Monday at 7:30pm!

DB Warm Up

20 Presses

20 Lateral Raises

10+10 Flys and Rows High

10+10 Flys and Rows Low

20 Pull Overs

20 DB Swings

20 Snatches (10 Power, 10 Squat)

20 Thrusters

20 Sit Ups



Row (Cal)

Pull Ups



Stimulus: 15-20+ Min

This WOD is going to take awhile even as the rounds get quicker.

15-20 Calories per Min on the rower.

Break up the pull ups smartly, 2 or 3 Sets per round.

Paced but unbroken burpees

and Finally, scale the HSPU so that each round can be completed in 3-4 Sets - but not unbroken unless you're going Rx'd and just crushing it.

Be prepared to scale down the difficulty, especially on the HSPU, if you get to failure since most of the Reps are done up front.

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