Aug 17 2018

Another week in the books! Back to a partner WOD Friday, so bring a friend and be prepared to push hard!

KB Warm Up

30 KBS

2R: 5 Presses + 50; OH Walk Each Side

20 Goblet Squats

20 Single Arm Swings

20 Around the Worlds

20 Halos

10 Windmills


"Partner Barbra"

5 Rounds (Each)

20 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Squats

- Rest While your Partner Completes their Rounds -

Stimulus: 30-40 Min - Barbra is one of the meanest, nastiest, old-school Girl WODs. Scale so that you can completes the Pull Ups UNBROKEN for at least 2 Rounds - Then down to no more than 3 sets per round. Similar on the Push Ups. Sit ups and Squats should be unbroken throughout - They'll hurt, and they're supposed to, but you CAN'T FAIL a sit up or air squat. Keep your Mind in it and keep moving.

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