Aug 28 2018

We are what we CONSISTENTLY do.

Every workout is 60 Minutes. From start to finish. While lots of the "good stuff" happens during the WOD it isn't the only part of your workout. Everything we do has a purpose and everything we do is a part of the overall results you get. You are what you consistently do. And you get what you consistently put effort to.

5 Minutes is a 12th of a class. You're 5 Min late one day, no big deal. You're 5 Min late everyday - you get what you consistently do. 5 minutes late doesn't seem like much but add that up.

5 Minutes late everyday means you miss 1 MONTH of class. A Month. Let that sink in.

I could get even more technical about how your workouts aren't as effective because your body isn't operating at it's peak without a warm up, or how you're more likely to injure yourself, or how you're missing out on tens of thousands of burned calories by being late - but it really comes down to this:

Be consistent and get the results you want. Don't throw away a month of training because you're use to leaving your house at a specific time. Make every minute count.

KB Warm Up

30 KBS

2R: 5 Presses + 50; OH Walk Each Side

20 Goblet Squats

20 Single Arm Swings

20 Around the Worlds

20 Halos

10 Windmills



75 Double Unders

25 Push Ups

25 Pull Ups

25 KB Taters (1.5/1p)

Stimulus: Today's a long workout. Aim for a consistently high heart rate without peaking. Manageable sets are the key.

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