Sept 17 2018

Two Weeks from now we're starting our next Spark! 6 Weeks Challenge. We're looking for just 8 people to be part of our Oct 1 class. If you know someone looking to make a change in their life, let them know!

Over the next couple weeks we'll be establishing some 1RMs that our program in October will be based on. Give it your all to get the most out of the next 3 months!

Barbell Warm Up (Empty Bar)

20 Shoulder Presses

20 Muscle Snatches

20 OHS

20 Curls

20 BB Rows

20 Good Mornings

10 Front Rack Stretches

20 Thrusters

1RM Back Squat


5 Rounds

50 Double Unders (50 BB Lateral Jumps)

9 Deadlifts (155/105)

6 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

3 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)

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