Sept 19 2018

Take a moment today to appreciate what you can do in the gym. Most of us couldn't do a pull up, maybe even with a band, Couldn't squat all the way, Couldn't run without stopping, got winded walking up the stairs and more. Never lose sight of how far you've come - then realize that if you've come this far, how far could you go?

DB Warm Up

20 Presses

20 Lateral Raises

10+10 Flys and Rows High

10+10 Flys and Rows Low

20 Pull Overs

20 DB Swings

20 Snatches (10 Power, 10 Squat)

20 Thrusters

20 Sit Ups

1RM Strict Press (12 Min to work up)


5 Rounds

100m Run

20 Pull Ups

100m Run

20 Push Ups

100m Run

20 Sit Ups

100m Run

20 Air Squats

Stimulus: The goal of this workout is to do all the bodyweight sets UNBROKEN. That makes this a mental game. Positive self talk during the runs is important - believe you can keep going on the next set and you will.

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