Sept 25 2018

Lots of you have been asking about our October Lifting schedule, which I'm tentatively calling "Get Spooky Strong" until someone suggests something better.

We'll be lifting 4 Days a week with a basic 5x3 program. You'll start at about 70% of your max for the first week and then add 5-10lbs each following week. After the lift we'll be hitting some accessories, think 3-4 movements for 3x8-15 reps. Then we'll hit a short but very intense WOD.

Monday - Back Squat

Tuesday - Oly Lifting

Wednesday - Bench Press

Friday - Back Squat (Again)

Thursday's are special and really important to the program. We'll have a circuit of movements, say 3 Deadlifts (315/205), 10 T2B, and 10 Box Jumps and you'll do a 40 Minute AMRAP - but not intensely. The goal is to make it feel like a jog while getting your heart rate up and getting some good work done, think similar to how the Body Weight Warm Up is but with loaded movements.

Most of the WODs we'll be hitting will be short and very intense - 3 Rounds for Time, 21-15-9s, 7 to 12 AMRAPs. All with lots of fast reps and peaking heart rates.

What days are best to come? Every day. With the structure of this program there is really no better time to come 5 days a week, even if it's just for the month. The variety of our usual schedule means that you'll get a good variance each month even if you come only 3x a week. This program relies on committing to a schedule and coming those days. You just won't make big gains if you only bench once or squat only twice for the entire month.

If you're stuck on 3x a week then I'd say hitting one of the squat days, the Bench day, and Thursday is best (MWR or WRF). That'll give you good progress in something we haven't done a lot of while still getting loads of volume on Thursday and keeping the legs working on a squat day.

DB Warm Up

20 Presses

20 Lateral Raises

10+10 Flys and Rows High

10+10 Flys and Rows Low

20 Pull Overs

20 DB Swings

20 Snatches (10 Power, 10 Squat)

20 Thrusters

20 Sit Ups

3 Rounds

500m Row

20 DB Snatches (50/35)(Games Style)

20 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)

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