Nov 1 2018

For November we're running our biggest promotion of the year - Start or Return to CrossFit in November and get January free. That's 3 Months for the price of 2. Battle that holiday bulge before it begins! Know someone who's been thinking of starting or has been slacking off? Now's the time to get after it!

Awesome job to everyone who's set PRs this week! We've seen some great progress through hard work and dedication. Tmw we'll talk about what's coming up in the next couple months to keep us headed towards an amazing new year!


20 AMRAP (8-12 Rounds)

15/12 Cal Row

5/3/1+ Deadlift (Increasing Weight to a heavy 1RM)


3 Muscle Ups

5 Barbell Roll Outs

100' Farmer's Carry

We'll Split Classes as needed between the two Amraps and switch at the half way point.

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