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Nov 23 2018

We're CLOSED today and tomorrow. #sadface Home Workout Below!

Planning on getting your cardio doing some Black Friday Shopping? Here's some CrossFit Gear to consider!

Jump Rope

JumpNRope ($30 - Dmac's Personal Rope)

RPM ($35-$55 - High end great speed rope)

Valeo ($7 - Heavier rope, Great to learn on, and cheap!)


Bear Complex - ($40 - Used by top Games Athletes, Carbon is best)

Picsil - ($20 - Clear knock offs of Bear Complexes but cheaper!)


Element 26 - ($32 - Innovative self locking)

Harbinger - ($20 - Gold Standard, No Frills, Gets the job done)

2Pood - ($50 - OMG #fashion)

Wrist Wraps

Generic - ($12 - Cheap and Camo)

Rogue - ($20 - Gold Standard)

Knee Wraps (5mm for WODs, 7mm for Lifting)

Bear Complex - ($ - Making Quality Stuff, so these are prob good)

Rehband - ($70 - Gold Standard for lifting, when in doubt go 7mm Blue for that old school look)


Barbell Apparel - ($99 Black Friday Only - Like being strong but hate finding jeans that fit, these solve that problem and make you look Fly...or whatever the kids say these days).


10 Rounds

5 Burpees

10 Sit Ups

15 Air Squats

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