Dec 10 2018

Kill Cliff is now available at MTM!

Why Kill Cliff -

They're one of the oldest and longest running drink companies in CrossFit. Back when we were all taking a pre-workout designed for bodybuilding or extreme sports, Kill Cliff was developing a great product.

It's a clean good product. Sure, it tastes good but it's also a solid pre/intra/post workout drink. Is it going to make you a Games athlete? Probably not. It will give you that little extra to crush a WOD or speed up your recovery before the next one.

A drink for every need -

Ignite is pre-workout. Great before a workout or important meeting - A little caffeine and vitamin stack to get you moving. None of the crazy tingles and jitters of those body building powders.

Endure is designed for sustained energy output. Keeps you hydrated and full of electrolytes without the crazy sugar crash of a Gatorade. Perfect for longer WODs and helps jump start your recovery.

Recover is post-WOD to get you back to 100% and ready for rest of your day.

$3 each

2 for $5

4 packs for $10.

In the coming weeks we'll be adding some additional products that our Coaches have enjoyed over the years.

Barbell Warm Up

3x15 Back Squat (50%)




Squat Clean Thruster (135/95)


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