Jan 9 2019

Great work with some tough moves we rarely do yesterday! You'll probably be feeling those KB Step Ups for a few days...so don't worry about it and keep pushing hard!

2019 Q1 - The first 3 Months of this year are going to be a mash up of the last 3 months of 2018. So, we're going to spend about 8 weeks building Back Squat and Bench Press strength, improving our gymnastics pressing (Push Ups, HSPU, Burpees, Dips), and tuning up our bulletproof engine.

Now, that doesn't mean we're only focusing on one thing or another, just that the emphasis will be in these areas. We'll still be lifting all types of lifts, hitting long/medium/short WODs, and working complex to simple skills each and every week. So don't worry about getting too strong in one area over another or not having enough work on your specific weaknesses - you'll definitely get that work in!

The 2019 Open - Comes up Feb 21st. We'll be creating and running the MTM Intramural Open this year. Full details will be available as the Open gets closer but rest assured, it's going to be a blast! AND - the next several weeks are going to shake off the holidays so that you're in top shape heading into the competition!

16 OTM

2 Min - 5 Power Cleans & Push Jerks

2 Min - 3 Power Cleans & Push Jerks (Increase)

4 Min - 1 Power Clean & Push Jerk (Increase each Min, Recorded Heaviest)

2 Min - 3 Squat Cleans & Split Jerks (Back down in Weight)

2 Min - 2 Squat Cleans & 1 Split Jerk (Working back Up)

4 Min - 1 Squat Clean & Split Jerk (Increase each Min, Record Heaviest).


1->5 Muscle Ups (Banded Ring Scaled)

25->5 Wallballs (20/14)

- Rest 3 Min -

100' HS Walk (200' Bear Crawl)

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