Jan 14 2019

Hope you had a restful weekend! Breaks are good, breaks are restorative, and they give us time to get away. Breaks over, back to work!

All day long I see memes about the weekend, counting down to the weekend, what someone's going to drink on the weekend, lamenting (UGH!) that the weekend isn't here yet. Why is that?

You spend 70% of your life between a Monday and a Friday. How often do you describe things you do during between those days as "Got to" or "Have to" dos? It's time to reframe how you think about those times. How you think about your life.

Maybe more than a Billion people around the world would LOVE if they "Had to" go to the dentist - because they've never been or had the opportunity. They'd LOVE to take their car into the shop, deal with whiny kids, or even go to work in an office. Things that all too often we see as burdens on our time.

As you go through your week try and do 2 very specific things:

1 - Replace any "have to" with GET TO. Do it mentally, quietly so people don't stare.

2 - By the end of the week ask yourself if that week was really worth it. Was it worth your time OR should you, could you, be doing something else that would reduce those have tos and make them naturally GET TOs.

(Yes, I'm suggesting you do both a mindset adjustment and lifestyle assessment - It's a short life, we don't 70% of it to waste).

3x5 (80% + 10-20lbs)

Back Squat

Warm Up:

Unbroken DU


3x5 Power Snatches (Working Up Past Rxd)


Open 11.1


30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches (75/55)

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