Jan 25 2019

It's been an awesome week! Lots of hard work and the results to show for it!

A Note about increasing weight on our current program: With the progressive program we're on it is important to increase the weight lifted each week. We usually do that by adding 5-10lbs to the bar and doing the same 3x5 reps. However, if you're getting up towards a really difficult weight we can slow the increase down by adding weight only to the last set or two.

If you did 100lbs last week for example

Typically you'd do

- Set 1 at 105lbs

- Set 2 at 105lbs

- Set 3 at 105lbs

(In total you've lifted 75lbs more than last week: 3 Sets of 5 Reps x 5lbs more)

But you can still progress at a slower pace by adding only to the last set or two

- Set 1 at 100lbs

- Set 2 at 100lbs

- Set 3 at 105lbs

(Now you've increased by only 25lbs of total weight moved for the lifting)

Keep this in mind as the weight builds up and you can't raise it across all sets.

3x5 Bench Press (Add Weight from last week)


Teams of 2

1K Row (100m)

20 Wall Climbs (2s)

40 STO (135/95)(10s)

60 Goblet Squats (15s)

80 KB Lunges (20s)

100 Sit Ups (25s)

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