Feb 4 2019

The MTM Open:

Starts - Feb 21 for 5 weeks

Teams - of 3 (!) any gender mix, 1 athlete must be a scaled athlete and 1 must be Rx'd!

Scores will be averaged across the athletes to rank teams

WOD programmed on Fridays with 9AM OPEN events Saturday Morning.

Time. To. Get. Excited!

Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) - Without getting too technical, the heavier you lift the more muscle your central nervous system has to recruit to lift it. Once the central nervous system is primed with a heavy weight it keeps firing muscles at the higher level for a period of time.

We're going to take advantage of that over the next squat and bench cycles with drop sets. You'll warm up with 3-5 sets working up to the heavy single, then decrease the weights as listed and hit additional reps. Each of those reps will use more muscle fibers due to PAP than if you hadn't lifted the heavy weight first.

Back Squat

1 x 1 - 88.5%

1 x 3 - 80%

2 x 5 - 70%




WB Sit Ups

Pull Ups

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