Feb 22 2019

The Time is now, the Day is here. We're into the 2019 Open!

The CrossFit Games, and by extension The Open, has always always had a fatal flaw: It's about finding the fittest on earth. That goal has nothing to do with being exciting, unique, fun, or a good show. It simply has to do with testing as many different variables as possible.

As the Games grew somehow the events changed (especially on the team side) to be more spectacle and more show. Some are awesome like the various Swim and Bike events while others are down right painful to watch, like the 4hr marathon row snooze fest.

This has left many many of us long term CrossFitters with a false sense of entitlement surrounding The Open - it should be unique and fun and somehow different than our every day training. If that was actually true, that it was significantly different from our regular training...well then you frankly wouldn't be at a good CrossFit gym.

We work to build broad general and inclusive fitness. Sometimes that's exciting Oly Lifting and Ring Work but just as often, maybe more, it's a hard grinder of a work out. And that's what we have today with 19.1. There's no where to hide, it's a straight forward test of your VO2 Max. If you're fit you'll do well, if you're not you won't, and either way it is going to be a terrible 15 Min of all out hard work!

I'm sure there's going to be some fancier workouts with barbells and rings and jump ropes later on down the road. For now we've got a classic CrossFit Couplet - time to shake off the non-sense and throwdown. Time to get excited. And if you're like me it's time to dread the start of the 3rd round and on because it's going to be complete murder!

THAT is what's special, unique, and dare I say "fun" about The Open. It's a chance to crush the workout (and yourself).

Scheduling: 19,1 will be programmed all day today. We've got a little warm up work before hand which would act as a great little breather if you plan to do Saturday but want to come in and move around a little - or hit open gym. Please don't feel like you can't come in today because you're planning on doing Saturday.

Saturday 8:30AM Doors Open - Heats start at 8:45AM - Don't expect to show up at 10:40AM and be guaranteed a spot. The 11AM is running as usual. Anyone left over can do the WOD at Noon (but you'll have to have been at the gym during the regular time slot and we just ran out of time).

Warm Up

Death By Burpee Box Overs (24/20) (Dave, we did these earlier this week! I know, how lucky!)

5 Min of 4 Burpee Box Overs

- Then -

Add 1 Rep every Min till you can't complete the Reps in 1 Min

Open 19.1


19 Wallballs (20/14)

19 Cal Row

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