Feb 25 2019

Great job to everyone on 19.1! It was a brutal WOD and everyone pushed hard to get the most out of it!

Also, Congrats to MTM Friend, Joey Tortora, who's team qualified for the 2019 CrossFit Games this weekend!

Finally, and most importantly, we're adding a service to MTM - SugarWOD. Go to the App store, download SugarWOD, select MTM CrossFit as your gym, and get to having an awesome time!

SugarWOD does 2 main things: WOD tracking for you and a whiteboard for the gym. This means you will be able to keep track of your workout scores, lifts, PRs, etc right from your phone as well as see how others did throughout the day!

Why the change? We're looking to add more and more to your workout experience. SugarWOD makes tracking your progress easy and gives you a way to connect to athletes in classes other than your own.

It's pretty cool and functional and free to you!

Back Squat

4x4 (60%)

WOD (Did you skip right down to here? go back and sign up for SugarWOD!)

3 Rounds

100 Double Unders (30 Attempts)

25 Pull Ups

10 Squat Snatches (135/95)

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