Feb 27 2019

Were you feeling really sore after 19.1? Did you find yourself saying something like "I haven't pushed that hard in a WOD in a long time!"

Lots of us felt that way...and that's a problem! When you start CrossFit every workout is hard. They're all exhausting and they're all challenging with the new movements and the different ways you're challenging your body. That's what makes it work.

Then along the way we get better. Pull ups aren't as hard, we string some double unders together, we started throwing around RX'd weights and we start to become at risk of losing that intensity.

I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty but INTENSITY is where all the results live. It's the hardship that makes your body respond. In many ways it IS CrossFit.

As you get better at CrossFit we can out think ourselves and accidentally stall our progress. "I know if I break up these wallballs my score will be better, 19 wallballs is too much for me" would be a common thought - and it IS a better way to get a better score on TODAY's workout. But what about tomorrow? You'll never get better by safely operating within your limits. And as you stop improving - so do your results.

See, it's GOOD to have a workout fall apart once in a while. To challenge your expectations of what you can do. To burn out early in a workout, go unbroken on a set you probably shouldn't have. In short, UP the intensity and challenge yourself to hang on!

But Dave! I don't want to be sore like 19.1 every workout! Don't worry, you won't. That's my job with programming the workouts. Some, like yesterday's, are moderate intensity. Others are high enough skill or load that if forces you to slow down. Then, every now and then (usually twice a week) we've got those all out suck fests. The hard ones. The ones that you should push yourself to your limits.

Today is one of those. After lifting we're doing Annie. It's not complex and you can certainly make it feel pretty nonchalant by resting on your double unders or sit ups. But you shouldn't! You can't fail a sit up after all. And we've been working Double Unders a ton.

SUB 5 Min is the goal for this workout. First, make sure it's unbroken - that's obvious enough - but then make sure you throw your body back down towards the ground on your sit ups. There's no where else to make up the time once you've gone unbroken. The sit ups have to be faster than you thought you could do them.

It's not a pipe dream that elite Games athletes only can do - I've gone SUB 5 on this work out 3 different times and SUB 5:20 another 3 or 4 times. But it hurts. It's hard. You have to want it. And that's the point of today.

Get after it.

16 OTM

For 8 OTM 4R: 5 Power Cleans & 5 Push Jerks (135/95 - ish) 4R: 3PC & 3 PJ (185/135 - ish)

4 Rounds - Every 2 Min 1 Power Clean & 1 Push Jerk

**If you start to fail the Push Jerk, continue up in Weight, Make attempts but shift your focus to the Power Clean**



50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of: Double-Unders Sit-ups

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