Mar 7 2019

Awesome work on the Bench Press 1RMs! Really awesome progress, with some great PRs!

Now, we're shifting back to an oldie but a goodie! Conversational Pace Long WODs on Thrusdays! This is just the tip of the ice burg as we'll be adding in some different warm ups, skill work, and bodybuilding accesories for the next 8-12 weeks.

Don't worry, we'll still be crushing PRs and sprinting through tough WODs but it's time to shift a little towards thinking about summer...even though it's still 18 degrees outside!

WOD (Your goal should be at least 4 rounds in each couplet)

10 AMRAP Row (Every 500m = 1 Round) - 5 Sq Clean Thrusters (135/95) 10 Pull Ups - 200' Farmer's Carry (2/1.5p) 30 V- Ups - 5 Wall Climbs 5 BB Roll Outs

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