Mar 14 2019

Friday - 5:30PM - Start County CrossFit Throwdown at Everhard CrossFit. We'll have normal classes in the morning (5:45, 7, 9:30, 11) and the 4:30pm Class. Then we'll be heading over to Everhard to do the Open WOD, or just hang out and cheer!

Keep up the hard work! And keep logging your results in SugarWOD!


10 AMRAP 3 Strict Press (75%) 10 Front Squats (same Weight) - 10 Halos 10 KB Windmills 100' Farmer's Carry - 15 Box Jumps 3 Rope Climbs - 10 Strict T2B (or Candle Sticks if your hands are torn up) 100 Bike Reps

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