Apr 25 2019

Looking good for Summer. It's that time of the year again, time to show off the hard work we've put in all winter. But, how and what should you do to make that happen?

Here are some hard truths -

1. You don't want to lose weight. You want to lose FAT. Losing weight is simple - stop eating and stop working out or even develop a drug addiction. But that's not how you look good for summer. When people say that want to look "tone" or "fit" or really just "good" they mean they want their muscles to show because they have minimum fat covering them up. Ending up lighter on the scale by decreasing the pounds of muscle your body has will actually make you look worse because you are (percentage wise) fatter.

2. Your body doesn't want you to lose fat because it's designed/evolved to keep fat for prolonged periods without food. Your body loves burning muscle. The only way your body holds muscle is if you demand that it does by moving weights - often! That's exactly what today's workout is about, mildly intense, longer duration, and full of demanding that your body HOLDS it's muscle. Consider the opposite: going for a jog. It's mildly intense, longer duration but doesn't make your body hold muscle - it actually makes your body break down muscle, which isn't what you want. (I know I've been misunderstood in the past about long distance running. Basically: is it bad? No. Is it the best way to lose fat? No. Overall it's just mediocre - not the best at building cardio or burning fat but better than nothing as long as the rest of your fitness routine is diverse)

3. The parts of your body that you worry about probably aren't even noticed by anyone else. This is the biggest thing. You've got to get away from obsessing about certain specifics and get back to the whole picture. No one notices your small calves past your beer belly. What one person thinks are too broad of shoulders another person thinks are too small. A person with a longer relative torso will look smaller in their midsection than a person of identical height and weight with longer legs. Think back on your life and if you've ALWAYS wanted some part of your body to be different it's likely that you're irrationally focused on it and missing the bigger picture.

Now lets get to work!


12 AMRAP - Conversational Pace 12/9 Cal Row 10 FR Lunges (95/65) 1 Rope Climb - 10 SH Raises 10 SA DB Snatches 10 Back Flys 20 DB Curls - 10 Halos 200' SA KB Farmers Carry 5 BB Roll Outs

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