May 14 2019

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5/27 - Memorial Day Murph - 9:30 Doors - 10AM Start time.

6/1 - The Hammy WOD


Nutrition is essential for maximizing your results in and out of the gym. No amount of working out can fix poor choices in the kitchen. With summer upon us it’s not too late to get it together!

I’m accepting 4ppl for personalize nutrition. Let me know if you’re interested - 6wks, daily check ins, weekly weigh ins, before and after measurements and pictures - $100.

Take a look at the following segments to figure out what you should do next. Be honest with yourself about what you’re currently doing.

No nutrition plan at all - you eat whatever and whenever. You say to ppl “I eat clean” but let’s be honest, you don’t know what you eat or how much you eat for a majority of the time.

- 30 days of only eating calories you cook at home. Eat whatever you want but you e got to prep and cook it at home from scratch. And notice that I said calories - no getting a frapacino with 50g of sugar, black coffee or espresso is fine but nothing with a real calorie count.

You’ve been following a nutrition plan (like Paleo or Keto) and mostly stick to it thru the week. Weekends are tougher for you and you tend to fall off the wagon with drinks and food.

- 30 days of weigh, measure, and record. Simple enough, just start putting everything on a food scale and record it in MyFitnessPal. Weight of the food as you’d eat it (cooked it you’re eating it cooked, raw of raw).

You’ve been tracking for a while but the scale isn’t moving.

- take a hard look at your macros and body type. If you’ve been low carb for a long time consider 2 wod of upping the carbs. If your protein is lower than bodyweight, give it a nudge up by 10% and take away from carbs. Finally, be honest about how consistent you are and how far from your goal you are. A week is 7 days - not 4 pretty good days and then hey it was Friday and the girls/guys/kids wanted to go to eat/drink/party/lounge/whatever.

Additional questions? Ask away!



10 Min WIndows

100/80 Cal Row - 3 Rounds 10 Burpee Pull Ups 20 KBS (1.5/1p) - 5 Rounds 2 Wall Climbs 8 Thrusters (95/65)

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