Jun 20 2019

Yesterday was BRUTAL. Just terrible. Hard, long, tough workout that was even worse bc of the heat. But you did it. You gave it all you had and you're coming back for more. Way to be.

Today's workout is going to have several items we haven't done in a long time (or ever). Come with an open mind and be willing to learn and have some fun!

Jump Warm Up


12 AMRAPs ME Ring Muscle Ups (Min 5) 10 Pistols (16 Side Squats) 10 Slow Candle Sticks - 100' Farmers Carry (Hex Bar) 100' Yoke Walk (+90/+50lbs) 100' Inverted KB Walk (controlled) 100' Bear Crawl - 8 Hvy KB Rows (2p/1.5p) 10 KB Halos 20 DB Curls (different style each round) 10/10 Bucket Turns

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