Nov 13 2019

Replace CAN'T with WON'T.

We spend all day talking to ourselves. Constantly thinking thousands of times a minute. The What and How you think of things shapes your life.

At the end of the day YOU have control over many many things in your life. In fact the only things worth focusing on are things you can control. IDK if it's going to be snowing again tmw or sunny. But I certainly control whether I have clothes for either situation. I don't need to focus on what the weather is like, just how I respond.

Which brings us to - Replace "Can't" with "Won't" in your internal monologue. Can't is a cop out. Can't pushes away things that are in your control to being out of your control. Keep that authority over them.

An Example:

- "I can't stay on my diet when I go to the holiday party tonight" - Seems out of your control and it gives you a pass to violate a behavior (eating healthy) because you "can't"

- "I won't stay on my diet when I go to the holiday party tonight" - Well, why not? You own the action because you DO OWN THE ACTION...ALL YOUR ACTIONS. If you want to violate the behavior for fun there's nothing bad or evil about that. But OWN IT. Keep control over as much as you can within your own mind. Accept it.

Another Example that I've been using recently: (As most ppl know I hurt my Pec a few weeks ago and have been modifying workouts while it recovers)

"I won't be doing Muscle Ups in today's workout" - I own my actions. Why won't I do them? Because I haven't fully rehabbed my Pec. Am I doing everything I can to move in the direction I want to be moving? Yes, to the best of my ability.

Taking Complete ownership is the goal here. I'm not a helpless person on the sidelines that an injury happened to. And I'm not so in the recovery process. By changing "can't" to "won't" I'm taking an active role in my decisions.

It's your life - make it how you want it to be. Own your actions and Actively guide your life. Start today. Any time you find yourself copping out and saying "can't" (in your head or out loud) just pause a moment and restate the phrase with "Won't".


20 AMRAP 50 Walking Lunges 30 WallBall Tosses (WB without the Squat) 20 Box Jumps (24/20) 20 KBS (1.5/1p)

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