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Dec 11 2019

It's one of those weeks. One of those times. It's up to you. Do you have the fight? The desire? The will? It's ok if you don't, you can just cruise through these workouts and you'll be just fine. But if you really commit - really give it your all - this is one of those weeks that separates.

It's time to jump levels. Show up, warm up, be smart, eat well, recover hard. Jump levels.



Deadlift (for max weight at each set)

Acc Work

3 Rounds 18 Back Rack Rev Lunges (Annoyingly Hvy) 14 DB Arnold Press 12 DB Lateral Raises 10 DB WindMills 8 DB Cossack Squats (each leg) - Then, POST WOD - 3x20 Curls


20 HSPU 20 KB Snatches 20 Goblet Squats 20 Burpees 20 KB Swings 20 KB Push Press 20 KB Sit Ups 20 KB Push Ups 20 KB Thrusters (1.5/1p)

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