Jan 2 2020

Welcome to a brand new year!

The new year always comes with a sense of new beginnings and new opportunities. It's such an inspiring and hopeful time that we often bite off more than we can chew. By Mid February - we're right back to where we finished last year.

The Solution? Choose just a small thing to accomplish first. Once it's a habit, about 6wks, do the next thing. Continue making small changes permanent habits and by the end of the year you'll have accomplished a great deal.

Here's a challenge to you and some direction: Choose 5 Things you want to change this year. Make them really actionable items -

"I want to have more money" doesn't give you anything to do.

"I track my weekly budget" on the other hand can give you better insight into your spending and result in you having more money.

Once you have them, mark them in a calendar every 6-8 Weeks.

Start with this: No Alcohol for 6 weeks.

We all tend to over-induldge over the holidays. And it's not just drinking more when we're out but there's a TON more times to go out over the holidays. Throw in the fact that everything happened midweek and you probably haven't been out drinking that much on a Tuesday Night in ages.

It's time to stop. Not all together, but for at least 6 weeks. Drinking is one of those compounding habits - when you cut it out it effects much more than just one thing:

- You'll Sleep Better

- Lose Weight

- Perform better in the gym

- Eat less crap

- Save money

It's a quick way to jump start your year. And hopefully you'll see that the value-add of drinking isn't very much at all. You can still go out, still have fun, and still be social all without alcohol. You'll also reset your tolerance so if you do start drinking again it'll take less volume to join the party - which will still help you do everything above better than right now when your tolerance is sky high from such a long holiday season.

Push Up 5s




10 KBS (1.5/1p) 12 Pull Ups 14 Burpees 16 Lunges

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