Jan 10 2020

January 10, 2020

1 Full week down!  So much more opportunity ahead!  


It's easy to think big picture and long(ish) term.  That's why making grand statements about new years resolutions is easy.  It's the day to day that's hard. 


When you get home late, tired from the day, starving, how do you keep yourself on track with your "2020 is going to be my year!" plans?  


How you respond to adversity is everything in your life.  Often times that idea gets thrown around big challenges like a job loss or unexpected life changing whatever.  I say that's blown way out of proportion.  


The vast majority of your life is about how you respond to extremely small and more likely than not bullshit "challenges". 

- It's late and the kids want something that's off my plan, I don't feel like making 2 separate dinners, so I'll just have what they're having.  

- I'm stressed from the week so I'll go out drinking with friends this weekend.

- I'm still hungry even after dinner.

- I stubbed my toe, I deserve a pizza and beer and ice cream.


Making the easy and wrong choice to tiny little self-inflicted "challenges" is why most people aren't where they want to be.  WITH EVERYTHING not just fitness.  


How will you break the cycle?  How will you keep what was important to you at the beginning of the year still important after that little challenge?  When will you stop letting yourself down?  


The first step is realizing what challenges really send you off track.  Take small steps to win against them.  Build one brick at a time.



7x1 Bench Press (85-90%)



20 Shoulder Presses (95/65)
75 Double Unders
7 Burpee Muscle Ups (or 21 Burpee Pull Ups)
20 Push Presses (135/95)
75 Double Unders
7 Burpee Muscle Ups (or 21 Burpee Pull Ups)
20 Push Jerks (165/105)
75 Double Unders
7 Burpee Muscle Ups (or 21 Burpee Pull Ups)

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