Jan 15 2020

Hacking Self Talk:

We all know that our thoughts become our words which become our reality. But each part can play on the other, it's not a direct line. The more often we let one of those parts direct the others the further down that path we go.

Our mind is really the simplest. There's POSITIVE and there's NEGATIVE. You can or can't do something. You're happy or sad about whatever.

We can use our WORDS hack our thoughts and thus our reality - with caution. Negative words are perceived by the mind in negative ways even if the intention is positive. We can see this when you come to the end of a workout.

"Don't Stop" - is a negative phrase and effects you negatively. "Not" and "Stop" are both negatives. At the end of workouts it's really common to hear people yelling "don't stop" with the best of intentions but this actually makes the final amount of work harder for the person you're encouraging.

Be mindful of how you phrase things, both out loud and in your own mind, and work to cut out the Negative Phrases. Replace them with positive ones.

Instead of "Don't Stop" use "Keep Going"

Instead of "Go Under 10 Min" use "Go Better than 10 Min" (Under is negative).

"Finish Strong" is better as "Stay Strong"

And so on. It takes effort and a mindfulness of how you're saying things to yourself and others. It's not overnight. Slowly though with practice you'll start to have a more positive outlook by simply changing a few words.


5x3 Push Press (for near 3RM)


3 Rounds 10 Hang Clean & Jerk (135/95) 20 Medball Cleans (20/14) 40 Push Ups

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