Feb 6 2020

Some weeks feel easy and some feel hard... Then there's the weeks like this week! Keep grinding it out, dress warm, and think of the summer sun shining down on your face in just a few short months!

Here's the first of a 5 part series about Nutrition. I'm sick and tired of all the misinformation that's being thrown around all over the internet so I'm pairing it down (as much as someone who talks as much as I do can) and cutting through all the sales and marketing bullshit.


A calorie is how much energy a food has. Calories fuel your body and too few calories can stop you in your tracks the same way that your car running out of gas will.

80% of your weight loss (or gain) is how many calories you eat. Full Stop. Eat too much and gain, eat too little and lose. It's both simple and hard.

Most people don't know how much they're eating - so step 1 is to track your food intake. Weigh and Measure, record it. "MyFitnessPal" is a great App for this. Yes, it's tedious, but if you don't know how much energy you're putting into your body you don't know if you're eating too much or too little.

How much should you eat? Take your bodyweight and multiply it by 15 (ie 200lbs x 15 = 3000 calories). This is a SUPER SIMPLE and NOT EXTREMELY ACCURATE way to get a starting point. Start by eating that many calories each day, weigh and measure and record it, and after a week or two see if your bodyweight is up or down on the scale - If it stays the same, which it should with the 15 multiplier then you know how much fuel you're burning through in a day, you've got your starting point.

**Pro-Tip: If you're trying to lose weight start by multiplying by 13**

Less is not always better! I see what you thought right there. You read "start with 13" and thought, 13 is good and all but I need to lose these pounds FAST, I'll do more bc I'm committed and hardcore, I'll do 10. Don't be an idiot.

Consistency is king with nutrition. Cutting super low on calories has 2 negative side effects: makes you hungry and likely to binge eat, makes you lose muscle - so you'll end up looking flabby instead of defined and strong. No one wants a saggy butt so don't lose muscle. No one needs to be punishing themselves and relying on bullshit "self control" by starving themselves and then binge eating on the weekend.

Next up is Protein... So stay tuned!

Acc Strength

3 Rounds 8 Strict Pull Ups 10 SL Glute Bridges (Each Leg)(KB) 12 SA KB Row (Each Arm) 12 KB Halos


50 Cal Row - Then - 4 Rounds 25 Push Ups 20 WallBalls (20/14) 15 Box Jumps (24/20)

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