Feb 13 2020

Continuing with some nutrition insights:

Protein Ammino Acids make up Proteins, which are the buildling blocks of our muscles. All the different proteins you see out there are just different combinations of different ammino acids (or we say they have different ammino acid profiles). Some combinations are good for muscle, some for ligaments and Tendons, and so on.

Two things are super important with Proteins: - that you get enough and - that you don't get tricked by marketing crap.

Eating protein has become really popular as more people jump on board the "sugar has made us obese since the 80s train". This has led to some really DUMB and DECEPTIVE marketing. Example: MILK! Milk has protein! Drink more Milk - paid for by dairy farmers. Now, sure Milk does have protein, but it has more carbs than protein and equal fat to protein. It's pretty well balanced but if you think you're only getting protein when you drink it, you're going to wonder why you're getting fat.

Alot of fats come with proteins - so you need to be careful of what you're selecting. A 93% Lean burger might be 23/8g - Protein/fat. That same burger with a regular 80% ground beef is 20/23g p/f. Read that again. The same 4oz burger is 3g LESS protein and almost 3 times the fat and it's 120 calories more.

Bottom line - Food Choice matters, it might look the same but your proteins can be wildly different in Proteins and Fats and Calories.

Vegan and Vegetable Proteins aren't evil...but they're not exactly great either. The only thing, and I stress this ONLY THING, different from one protein to the next is the ratio of Amino Acids they contain. So while Whey Protein is generally good for building muscle Collagen Protein is good for building Skin and Nails and making Joints feel good. Pea protein or Rice Protein or Soy Protein can all get you a little more protein - but they're not complete, they can't stand alone, and if you make a majority of your Protein intake from vegetable sources you're certainly going to be low on some super important amino acids. And your results and progress will show that.

[CAN it be done? Proper protein intake through only vegetarian or vegan sources? Yes, but it is complex. It's difficult. No one is making a good supplement, if they did it would be expensive. Some Plant Proteins have not good side effects like screwing up hormones if taken at high doses - especially Soy]

Whole Foods are the way to go for Protein intake. If you tolerate a shake to get some extra, have at it. But by no means should 30% or more of your Protein come from fake stuff each day. Lean Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Eggs and Fish are the way to go for the vast majority of your protein needs.

How Much? 1g of Protein per 1lb of Body Weight. A little over is ok, even good if you're past 35, but less isn't.

Get to it.


3 Rounds 15 Bench Presses (Increasing Each Round) 10 DB Bench Flys 5 Wall Climbs


1k Row Buy In -then- 4 Rounds 25 Wallballs (20/14) 25 KBS (1.5/1p)

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