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Feb 18 2020

Great improvements on yesterday's workout! We took about half a year between testing it and even though winter usually has challenges for building capacity, you did a great fighting off that norm.

We're 6 weeks into the year, what is your next resolution to work on? How have you done at your current resolution?

Breaking goals up into manageable chunks is essential to success. Listing out a years worth of steps to achieving something can be overwhelming. But one little step at a time is all it takes to make big changes by the end of the year.

Lifting Up

4 Rounds 20 DB Shoulder Raises 20 Ring Rows - 20 DB Back Flys 20 DB HP Snatches


4 Rounds 15 Thrusters (Set of 5) 15 Pull Ups

**3 Burpees at the top of each Min**

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