Feb 19 2020

Half the week down, half the week to go.


I hate positivity. It's always presented as such a frilly lame thing: think of the best, sunshine and rainbows, cliched quotes over pictures of cliched people doing frankly unremarkable things.

It always feels like a sham, a con. And worse of all, to me at least, is that it's passive. Think good things and good things will happen - it's a cop out that requires almost no effort to give you a great result. Not only does life not really work that way but YOU are flat out better than that.

Here's the rub tho - positivity in your own mind works, it works really well, BUT it's been generally misunderstood and then hallmark-carded and sold to us in ways that suck.

How do you make this work for you? It's about your reaction to a challenge. You choose your reaction. You choose the path forward. You choose how to attack the situation.

That's what positive thinking is really about. It's about how you respond.

- See the obstacle

- Think about how you'll create the outcome you want

- Act towards that goal.

Let's look at yesterday's warm up: we did some extra burpees. Through many classes there we're groans, little complaints, even some flat out "but we're doing a bunch in the workout!" Complaining about it does nothing to help you out. You're at the gym already, you're 15min into class, you're not leaving bc we're doing 10 extra burpees - so the complaint is just a waste of your effort.

What if instead you saw the obstacle (more burpees) as an opportunity? When I do burpees I tend to get sloppy and loose with my positions because I'm trying to go as fast as possible. Not true when it's just in the warm up!

What's the outcome I want? A better WOD time (and ultimately fewer burpees).

What actions will lead me there? Take the opportunity of Warm Up Burpees to practice the SKILL of the burpee. Feet together, hands in the right place, moving from positions of tension to relaxation, piking hard when bringing my feet up, and so on.

Now the obstacle has been turned into an opportunity. That opportunity has given me a chance to act on the skills i need to practice to be more successful in the workout.

THAT, that is what "Positivity" is all about. Taking those crap extra burpees and making them count towards something you want. Not being pissed about them, not just blowing them off as another thing I'm cruising through.

Be actively positive - in everything you do.

(Side Note: sometimes you might need to detach and take a couple steps back to fully see the obstacle and opportunity. When possible, take that extra time.)

10 OTM

3R: 5 Power Snatches 3R: 3 Power Snatches 4R: 1 Power Snatch


13 AMRAP 11 HSPU 9 Deadlifts (225/155) 7 Box Jumps (30/24) 5 Ring Dips

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