Feb 26 2020

Its been hot and it's getting HOTTER every day! At least in the gym that is.

Quick Note:

We've never rested on our laurels at MTM - day after day I'm working hard to improve the gym for you AND the next person who hasn't even walked in the door yet.

I've been working really hard the last several months to develop a new class structure, which we've implemented slowly since the start of the year, so that we can integrate building strength and stripping away body fat all in a format that flows well in an hour..

[And that's not just lip service - you've probably noticed that we're doing a lot more accessory lifting, a lot more core work, while still hitting diverse workouts with that high intensity we all love.]

To keep pushing things to the next level I need YOUR help on 3 specific things:

1. Be on time. Each segment is about 15min with a 5min transition window. You're losing parts of your workout if you show up late - warm ups build to lifting and then to wods - days build on each other. If you're always 6 min late then don't be surprised if your results are 10% less than you hoped.

(And on time is when we start jumping - not like in the door and then you need to change and mix your pre-workout).

2. Respect everyone's workouts - Look at what you're going to need, think about the workout, and figure out where you're going to get all the little things done without making the other 10 people in class wait. When should you: Use the bathroom, put your knee sleeves on, get some tape, refill your water? BEFORE Class or while we're not working out. Making others wait because you didn't realize that you needed a jump rope isn't just annoying, it's rude. Don't be rude. (This also extends to talking. Chatting is cool and all, but keep moving through whatever you're doing, and do that work with intention. Don't fall behind because you have some gossip you want to share).

3. Push Hard - I can't stress this enough: stop fucking around with lighter than you need weights. And stop complaining that it's heavy. The goal is to BUILD muscle and LOSE fat. In order to do that you have to challenge your body. We'll definitely be using light or no weights during warm ups to get warm. But once we're into lifting - we need to challenge ourselves! Of course it'll take time to figure out what's correct for you, so get to it! When you read a workout think about what will be best for you then we'll try it out in the gym.

We're going to have some more changes coming soon to make your experience even better. Get excited!

12 OTM

12/9 Cal Row

3 Squat Snatches (Increasing)


4 AMRAP 60 Wallballs Max WB Sit Ups - Rest 4 Min -

4 AMRAP 100 Double Unders Max Power Snatches (95/65)

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