Mar 4 2020

A wise man once said - "long sets are the best sets."

When you've got a long set of reps to do it's a little like jumping into a void - travelling into the unknown.

As the reps add up you start to find out things about yourself.

Things about your mind.

Your Grit. Your Will.

And things about your body.

But if you never push yourself into the unknown, how will you ever find out where your limits are?

That's the beauty of long sets. It's what makes them BETTER than new movements. After awhile there are no new movements - and once you've done your muscle up and your HSPU and walked on your hands there's nothing left to do but weep...

But even the humble air squat can teach you more about your true self through unbroken, touch and go, fast reps.

12 OTM - Alternating 12/9 Cal Row 15 KBS 10 Burpees



10 Deadlifts (225/155) 20 KBS - Russian, Comrade 30 Air Squats

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