Mar 11 2020

Awesome work on the run WOD yesterday! It was nice to stretch our legs and we'll be seeing more and more of that as the weather continues to improve.

Quick Note: There are now some confirmed Ohio cases of COVID-19. The gym is professionally cleaned and sanitized twice a week as it has been for years. We work hard to make sure the environment is clean and safe for everyone.

Here's a couple things you can do to help:

- If you're feeling sick (especially the fever and dry cough that COVID-19 presents with) please don't come in to work out. Your body needs rest and recovery anyway and more stress from a tough workout won't help you "sweat it out" any faster.

- Please think about where you're coming from. If you work with sick people or people who travel often, please consider changing clothes at home before coming to the gym if possible. If it's not, please bring a bag to carry your clothes in so that you're not just laying them on a shelf that other people will be using later on.

- Washing you hands, that's a given.

- Clean and sanitize ALL of your workout gear and space. Pull Up Bars, Mopping the floor you touched even if you don't really sweat all that much, all of it. Also consider cleaning your gear as you get it out, since you don't know who used it before you.

- Do your reps faster. A slow burpee gives germs the opportunity to hop a ride. Faster reps make for less chance of catching something (**Not proven by sciene**)

- Finally, let's try to all be smart. You're better taking a single day off after getting home from an international conference where you shook hands with 1200 people than getting the entire gym sick - which will close the gym till Dmac is feeling better.

12 OTM 150m Row 1 Power Snatch + 2 OHS 3 Squat Snatches


5 Rounds 10 Burpees 16 Rev Lunge WallBalls (20/14) 20 SDLHP (75/55)

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