3 Steps To Come

The Government Shut us (and everyone) down. But, we're not abandoning you! We've been building a plan for this eventuality and now we're just going to execute it. It's 3 Steps:

Step 1 -

SugarWOD - MTM AnyWhere: Download the App, Follow the workouts. This is going to be much more than just tweaks to old workouts - they're designed to be tough and accessible. Each day will have lifting and a Metcon. We're going to be recording and broadcasting videos for each. (I'll also post workouts here on the blog)


Content - 9AM

Step 2 -

Equipment Loans: Starting tomorrow we'll be loaning out equipment needed to do the AnyWhere workouts.


9AM - 12PM

4PM - 6PM

Step 3 -

We'll be scheduling in-person nutrition/goals and movement checks for every member of the gym. These will last 5-10min for the goals and nutrition and then about 20ish Min for the Movement Checks. Our goal is to hit 2 times a week. We'll be keeping it limited to just 1 or 2 people at a time.

Scheduling will start tomorrow and checks will start Wednesday

Thank you for baring with slight delays while we sort everything out. We're going to get through this and we're not going to fall off track while we do!

MTM AnyWhere

Lift Upper

3 Rounds (light weights dB) 20 presses 20 Back Flys 20 Rows 20 Single Arm Snatch


3 Rounds 100 Double Unders (100 lateral jumps) 20 DB Snatches (competition style from ground) 30 Push Ups

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