Mar 19 2020

We're getting through this. Hang in there. Stay home if you can. Don't workout with people you don't see regularly.

Active Recovery Day

Today is about getting movement and recovering. If you haven't done all the previous workouts - time to make one of those up!

In no particular order:

10 Min of Jumping Rope (or easy cross crawls / or plate toe touches) 5 Min of Sitting at the bottom of an Air Squat 2 Min on Each Side of the Leg Over Box Stretch (or Pigeon Pose on the ground) 2 Min Each Side of the Couch Stretch (Which we do with abmats against the wall)

30 Min of walking briskly (use an umbrella) 10,000+ Steps (I'll be launching a little challenge about this tmw on IG)

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