Mar 20 2020

The weekend is in Sight! We're making it through this.

Anyone binge watched a good series on Netflix yet?

Lower Body Strength

3 Rounds 20 Back Pack Reverse Lunges (As much Weight as you can get in there!) 20 Cossack Back Pack Squats (Same Weight) 20 Good Mornings (With the Back Pack on or held behind your neck) 20 Tuck Jumps (No Weight)


30 Back Pack Clean & Jerks (at least 40/30lbs) 50 Burpees 100 Double Unders (Lateral Jumps across Back Pack) 50 Sit Ups (no weight) 30 Back Pack Snatches (Same Weight)

**Careful with the Snatches. Test them in Advance and Watch the video. Make sure your back pack won't rip and send dumbbells into your tv! If you need, just do 30 more C&J instead**

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