Mar 22 2020

Sunday gym will be open noon to 3 PM. Return enter

In preparation for a potential complete shut down by the Ohio government I’m going be at the gym Sunday Noon to 3 PM for anybody that wants to pick up equipment grab a jump rope anything else that you might need in preparation for the possibility of everything being closed down for a couple of weeks.

If that happens we’re going to turn our movement checks into zoom one on one meetings. Will have more instructions posted and will contact everybody with how to do that.

Will also start Zoom Live Workout class times. We will get together and do the workouts at similar times to our regular classes. Since space won’t be a problem we'll probably hold fewer of those but we will do a morning session and an afternoon session. I’ll be able to watch while you work out and give coaching cues and tips as we do the work out.

Will continue with that until were able to bring in-person sessions back.

WOD 30 OTM - Alternating

5 Push Ups

10 Air Squats

15 Sit Ups

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