Mar 25 2020

The LIVE Zoom Workouts yesterday were LEGIT! Nothing will replace the gym in person of course. But what we've put together is really the BEST thing right now. Shoot an email/txt/DM if you can't get it figured out (Or if you need to borrow some equipment).

There is NO Reason not to be making the most of this situation. Log In - Follow Along - Get real coaching. It's just like a regular class, but safe for the quarantine, and you don't have to drive to the gym. Get your family involved too!

You have NO Excuse. Time to work!

1. Download the App (Zoom Cloud Meetings).

2. Click the link (or enter the meeting Code)

3. Point the camera at where you're working out

4. Follow Dmac's coaching.

Simple and Sweet

We're Running ZOOM Live Workouts

7AM - Code - 614-829-881 (or Click Here:

4:30PM - Code - 894-671-955


Ab Circuit

2 Rounds 50 Hollow Rocks 25 SuperMans


4 Rounds

50 Double Unders (50 Lat Jumps)

25 GTO (2 DBs or Plate - Hvy)

12 Burpees

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