Apr 17 2020

There's some light at the end of the tunnel now! New details are coming out every day about when we might be able to get things started back to normal. Keep in mind tho that we'll be following all of the mandated guidelines when they're available. That will likely mean capped class sizes, some augmented hours, and limits on how many classes each athlete can do in a week so that everyone gets their workouts in.

Depending on how that rolls out we'll be running some hybrid weeks where we have gym wods and stream home workouts as well.

We're all excited to get back to work, I appreciate everyone's understanding and support through this unique challenge.

Core Work

3 Rounds 15 Plank Walks 20 Jack Knives 20 Twisting Mountain Climbers (Push Up Position, Touch Rt Knee to Left Elbow)


100 Air Squats

80 Sit Ups

60 DB Thrusters (or WB)

40 Box Jumps (or Step Ups or Tuck Jumps)

20 Wall Climbs

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