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Apr 20 2020

Welcome to a brand new week!

Lots of talk over the past few days about reopening some businesses. I urge you to calm down about this and realize that we're not going to be getting back to normal for at least a couple months.

First, we need to see what "strict social distancing" measures are. This will likely include, but not limited to, reserved class times, limited numbers of workouts per week, and schedule/duration changes.

Once we have official guidelines we'll be able to say exactly how things will move forward. But till then please don't get too excited thinking it's going to be right back to group workouts and heavy barbells.

We will eventually get back to normal. We're going to do so safely and in accordance with the rules the state sets in place.

(Also, there's been a lot of internet info going around suggesting fitness is a great shield against this illness. THIS IS BULLSHIT. Fitter and younger people are less likely to DIE from COVID19. The same way that fitter and younger people have less all cause mortality - that is that they're less likely to die period. Keep in mind that 10 times Games athlete Chris Spealer, who's such a legend his name is on our pull up bars, was down for 5 weeks with COVID19. 5 Weeks. And he's MUCH fitter than any of us.)

Lower Strength

3 Rounds 20 Sumo Good Mornings 20 Reverse Lunges (KB/DB) 20 SL Hip Thrusts


5 Rounds

10 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)

10 Pull Ups (Or BB/DB Rows)

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