May 8 2020

It's really easy to get down in these uncertain times - along with all the ways our lives have been interupted over the last couple months yesterday we had another list of openings announce that didn't include gyms. It's easy to get pretty negative in these times.

Here's why each day I'm more and more optimistic:

- Slowly we're getting more and more stuff reopened and we're getting more idea about the precautions these places will have to take to reopen.

- We've also been learning a lot about the Governors process for reopening - He's announcing sectors separately or in small groups with 10-15 days of lead time before that sector is allowed to reopen. We can assume that we'll see something similar: 2 weeks from announcement to reopening.

- Inside restaurants are reopening on the 21st, which is the longest lead time of anything that's been announced so far.

I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be on the list for reopening between the 18th and June 1st. Unlike some of my fellow gym owners, I don't agree that because people can go shopping or to a bar that's the same as the gym.

We work HARD and we breathe HARD. I think this is the reason for the delay and it's something we're taking very seriously in setting up our gym to reopen.

6ft separation isn't going to cut it for people working out. Luckily we're not tied into large machines, already stacked on top of each other, where someone spits on you as you walk by their treadmill. We've already been working a plan to control the airflow in the gym so that we're not invading each other's space.

So please know this: the end is coming soon! (In a good way) We're preparing daily to make sure that when we are allowed to reopen we're able to. We're thinking of everything, even beyond what's been publicly available, to keep you safe while you workout. And we will be prioritizing our existing members as we reopen to make sure we get plenty of awesome workouts!

Core Work

3 Rounds

25 Hollow Rocks

15 Supermans

20 Crossing Mountain Climbers


3 Rounds 20 Burpees 30 KBS (53/35 or Pair of 30/20 DBs) 20 DB Step Ups (50/35 single DB)

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