May 27 2020

AWESOME first day back! Really great work following the new directions and still putting in a killer effort in the workout.

As questions come up about procedures and policies I'll do my best to address them over the next few days:

- Everyone gets 3 Workouts a week. Schedules open Noon Thursday for the week ahead. You can schedule right up until the class starts.

- In the near future we will expand how many workouts you can do - This will be with a "late schedule" policy where you can book a class that has openings the day of - NOT YET THO.

- Cancelling MUST be done 12hrs before the class. Txt or DM Dmac (or any of the social media pages) to cancel your class. Late cancels and No-shows will be charged $10 automatically.

- Zoom workouts will continue...But please be patient for a couple days while I work out some internet and scheduling issues.

- MURPH, which is typically Memorial Day, will be moved to another National Holiday - Probably 4th of July - but still tentative.

- Liquid Chalk will be permitted startnig next week. I've got a small supply coming in the next few days for purchase. $10. We will NOT allow sharing of liquid chalk between members who don't live in the same household.

Warm Up

Empty Barbell (Or Dumbbells) 20 Reps Presses Muscle Snatches 10 OHS + 10 Snatch Balances BB Rows Curls

Position Work

10 OTM 2 Power Snatches 1 OHS 1 Squat Snatch **Building Load - But focused on Positions, not just trying to go as heavy as possible**



21 Double Unders

3 Squat Snatches (135/95)

- Or At Home -

21 Double Unders (Lateral Jumps or 2x Singles)

12 DB/KB Swings

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